2nd Lens for 5D MKIII

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Gordon Leitch
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Re: 2nd Lens for 5D MKIII

I “only” have a Mk 2 (Mk 3 as soon as $2,995), but use an 85L-II 1.2 and a 200L-IS 2.0 for portraits. Funny thing is that with my mid level portrait skills, my 100mm f2.0 often does as well and it costs one fourth the price of the 85L and one tenth the price of the 200. It is also way lighter and focuses faster than either of the other two … although the 200 is close in focusing speed. If I had it to do over I might have just bought the 135L. Lighting and other skills are more important than any differences in any of these very good to excellent lenses. BTW, I am not some rich old man. I get paid to use my tax deductable 200 for night surveillances and none of the other lenses would come close for that purpose. Drug dealers and police officers committing crimes as well, would not treat me kindly if I ever get caught.


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