NEX 5N processing times?

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Re: NEX 5N processing times?

Tommygun45 wrote:

Yes this doesnt seem to make a whole lot of sense. Are you sure you are describing the problem correctly? Is it when you take a picture it displays on the LCD screen for 2 seconds before you can shoot again? It doesnt sound like thats the problem. Does it literally say on the screen "Processing" and the screen is black and it shows that for 2 seconds?

What normally happens is if you take a say, 2 second exposure, the camera will process the file for 2 seconds. A 30 second exposure, 30 seconds, and all in between. This is the noise reduction as others have mentioned. Shoot in P mode please and tell us if the same thing happens. These cameras can take 10 shots a second, Auto Review mode is under Setup I believe. Change from 2 seconds to None.

YAY! Okay, I left my settings as they were before and took shots outside under good lighting and they did seem to process much quicker; evidently because better lighting. But then I switched my DRO HDR feature off and even quicker.

But I realised the problem wasn't that the camera wasn't instantly ready for the next shot; because it was just that the camera displays the last shot and I guess it takes a little time on screen for it to bring the image up. I turned auto review off and now it's snap snap snap!

Thanks alot guys, really appreciated.

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