Lenses for new high-end DX camera D400/D310/D9000/D7100

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Re: Don't get me wrong Hynek...

One nice thing about shopping for lenses for DX cameras, is that you don't have to actually have to be concerned about whether it's a DX lens or an FX lens... that's not a primary concern.  Lens attributes and price are.  If it's an FX lens, that's a bonus from the perspective that it's potentially more useful.

Obviously, the lens tends to be bigger, but you also may have a bigger sweetspot to work with for lenses that are a litlle bit soft at the edges in FX.  There's a full lineup of cheap consumer lenses with decent performance and without any gaps... there are some higher grade DX lenses, and then there are a huge number of DX/FX lenses.  The options for DX are essentially much greater than the options for FX.  All of this "there aren't any good DX lenses" stuff is non-sense, every FX lens is also a DX lens.

You guys may be different, but when I owned a D300S, I would prefer to have the FX lens for any given focal length, or range, the DX designation was a limitation, not a positive at all.  The FX sensor is not that much larger.  The D3200/D5100 owners (I have a D5100 also) are usually fine with the 18-55 and 55-200 VR lenses which are very light and inexpensive. For low cost compact portrait and low light there's the 35 1.8.  Most of my lenses for the D700 (including the incredible 70-200 F2.8 VR for $1500 street) I had purchased originally for DX.

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