Here's one from St Michaels Mount Cornwall from the weekend.

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Aspect ratio

It's a lovely shot, nice lighting and balanced exposure.

If I were to nit pick, it would to complain about the 3:2 aspect ratio that 35mm handed down to us.  I'm absolutely with Bruce Percy who says that (most of the time), the 3:2 ratio massacres landscape composition, especially in portrait orientation and especially with wide lenses.  3:2 is far too skinny for most subjects.

As we are now firmly in the digital age there are some digital features that most camera manufacturers are still failing to support properly in their designs that ought to be standard:

  • A dedicated ISO dial and
  • a dedicated aspect ratio control. 

m4/3 offers 3:2 4:3 and 1:1, but why can't we choose exactly the aspect ratio we want, especially with mirrorless cameras. Cropping in post is not the same because you can only crop what you shot.  Different in camera aspect ratios affect the composition because they force you to move the camera to get different framings and this alters the relationships between elements in the frame.

For a beautifully eloquent explanation of the difference aspect ratio makes to composition, see Bruce's blog

(or even buy the e-book if so inclined, there are some amazing comparisons in it of how the composition of the same shot is affecte by aspect ratios).

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