DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

StephaneB wrote:

There are of course exceptions. But in the photo-related software area, I got burned with LightZone and Bibble. Now, predictability is my number one criteria to choose products. I can work around flaws and quirks. I cannot work around the product disappearing.

I too suffered with the demise of LightZone and that did not appear to be a "one man" program, with list of developer credits as long as for some Adobe products. There is an active community (lightzombie.org) dedicated to maintaining LightZone into the immediate future. Bibble has not actually disappeared, just morphed (with improvements I gather) into AfterShot Pro.
The world needs these independent program developers, otherwise we will end up with a huge Adobe monopoly of all photo software, which would be a bad thing for everyone except Adobe.

So you say:
"predictability is my number one criteria to choose products"
That's quite a claim and I'd really like to know how you can predict the future when it comes to software (or anything else for that matter).
Some very large companies have failed, or at least got into difficulties, in the recent past, so size is no basis for judgement.
I welcome independent program development. Anything that helps against the behemoth that is Adobe is welcome, as far as I'm concerned.

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