European Laws Regarding Street Photography?

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René Schuster wrote:

I really can´t complain about our laws re photography over here; to me Germany still looks like photographer´s paradise compared to the US or GB. Still nothing over here comparable to the US or British "photographer = potential terrorist" paranoia.

The reports of photographers being treated as potential terrorists by the police and being confronted by over zealous security guards in the UK have become much rarer after a public campaign by the NUJ and Amateur Photographer magazine. Also well publicised civil cases resulting in the photographer being awarded substantial damages by the courts have resulted in the, very few, police who think that they are in Stalinist Russia being shown the error of their ways.

The situation regarding photography in public places in the UK is legally quite straightforward, although some judges do try to amend it from time to time when giving judgements. No person has a right of privacy when in any public place, and there is no restriction on photographing the exterior of any building, unless the building is covered by Defence Regulations and then it is clearly signposted to that effect, if you are in a public place when taking the photograph.

Obviously some common sense is necessary, particularly if clearly taking photographs of individual children, following hysterical reporting by the Murdoch owned Sun newspaper which labelled all adult males as potential paedophiles; and who's readers are not generally known for their intelligence.

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