Is it worth upgrading to FX (Full Frame) if...

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Re: Is it worth upgrading to FX (Full Frame) if...

AlephNull wrote:

I am an amateur photographer, and I've been shooting full-frame DSLR since 2007 (1D Mark III). I feel no obligation to limit myself to DX just because I'm amateur.

When I bought the D800E no one asked if I was professional

Totally agree. If you want it get; who cares what kind of photography you do (pro vs. hobby).  There is no test to pass that allows you to by FX gear. If you have the cash go for it.

Look, I read your posts and you are trying to rationalize a purchase of something you want. Don't play mind games with yourself. Enjoy your hobby, I do Buy what you want. Have fun and don't think too much what other people (including me) say. Follow your passion.

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