GH3 leaves me cold as ice

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Re: $1300 for an incremental improvement over my GH1??

dfswan wrote:

There are multiple things to consider here; Lens size, ergonomics and DR/CD (Dynamic Range and Color Depth, and High ISO/low noise.

I’m absolutely sold on the smaller lens size of the Micro 43rds. Having a G3, my ergonomics aren’t great, but it is still better than the OMD-M5 that also the lacks a fully articulating screen. That being said, I’m in a photography club and the low DR and CD are killing me in competitive photos as compared to the newer APS-C sensors. The OMD-M5 is clearly the leader in the M43rs and it compares quite favorably to the larger format cameras. Noise is always a factor but less of an issue.

In the end, I believe the GH3 might be a little large, but the G3 and M5 are too small. The GH2 and G5 are probably the goldilocks size. Sample pre-production images seem to indicate that the GH3 is on par with the M5 as far as DR and CD with some possible advantage. If that is the case, the larger size of the GH3, with its increase in buttons, better viewfinder and articulating screen might just beat the present king of the hill M5 despite its superior 9fps, image stabilization and lower cost.

Not to mention awesome video broadcast quality with future possible hacks to increase its camera capabilities...

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