Retina MacBook Pro 13'' vs 15'' for Aperture?

Started Oct 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jen Yates Senior Member • Posts: 1,414
Re: Retina MacBook Pro 13'' vs 15'' for Aperture?

Looking at the top options, the 13" is dual core with intel GPU where the 25" is quad core with 650m GPU.

Until someone runs some specific aperture based tests comparing the two it's impossible to say how much faster the 15" will be, but rest assured there will be a very significant difference at times.

For CPU & GPU limited tasks the 15" will win hands down, it's got at least a 50% boost and could be much more (Educated guesstimates at the moment)

Even on single threaded tasks the 15" should be able to run faster even though the base clock (2.7) is slower (than 2.9) because the turboboost on the 15" (3.7) is faster than the 13" (3.6)

But... either machine will be faster than your 2009 machine. I went from a 2009 2.2 to a 2012 2.7 and while my benchmarks were only four times faster, some key tasks I run every few minutes (Software compiling) are upwards of 17x faster on the new machine than the old.


If the leaks are to be believed the geekbench scores of the 13" put it at a little more than half the speed of the 15" which makes sense as this is a multi-threaded test using all available cores.


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