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Thanks for the kind words Gordon.  I didn't get any replies so I thought, "Wow!  It must be worse than I thought!"  I thought about redoing it to get rid of the airplane but didn't feel like redoing my entire speech.

Thanks for your ideas for a next video.  I was thinking of sticking with AF stuff for a bit, making it as simple as possible for people who really don't know what they're doing.  I thought maybe a video on cdaf vs pdaf . . . the differences and why you'd use one over the other.  When I first got a DSLR, I thought it would always be "live view."  My point n' shoot could do it, so why not my DSLR?

I also thought about a vid on how to focus / recompose properly . . . and then getting into things like which mode I most like to shoot in, etc.

And your ideas about ISO, SS and aperture are excellent too, but the concepts are a bit complex . . . and I want the vids to be super-simple, easy and short.  So I'll have to think of some clear, easy ways to describe how those elements interact without getting technical (not that I'm even capable of getting too technical).

Anyway, I'm hoping to get another one done this weekend and hopefully it'll be a bit more polished than the first.

We'll see and again, I appreciate the kind words.

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