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Re: Sony a900 - ISO 2500

moimoi wrote:

Craigski wrote:

Nice shot, good atmosphere. Good choice of ISO: 2500 is the highest I use on my 850/700, as I find it gives the lowest noise in the shadows, for high ISO shooting.

Hello Craigski.  Thanks.  ISO 2500 is ok on the A900, ISO 3200 is the max I will go.

I always, always, always shoot in multiples of 160 with these sensors: 160/320/640/1250/2500.

Interesting, could you provide more details about this?  Why shooting at ISO 160 rather than ISO 100 or ISO 200?  Thanks for letting me know, I am curious about your statement.

Sure thing. Dave Anderson did a complete series of shots at all ISO settings, constant aperture, and changing the SS in 1/3 stops in conjunction with changes in ISO. His results here.

Note that at the bottom of that web page, he links to the thread on dyxum where he first posted his results: about halfway down on page three of the thread. \

I've been shooting at those ISO settings ever since; just be sure to set up your ISO menu in 1/3 stops, and use the rear dial, not the front one, as the front only changes ISO in full stops and only on the default auto values: 100/200/400 etc.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment on the picture, and provides those tips.



Your are most welcome. And thank you for your itemized reply.



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