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Re: D4 Owner Question

D4 all the way no regrets, after selling my D3s considered both the D800 and D4 but the performance of the D4 compared to D800 for action was no comparision.  Of course if on a budget the D800 has some huge selling points, but if you can afford the toys D4 and add the D800.  Personally I'm noodling adding the D800 or D600, so sad both have some serious QC issues still.

Sure D800 with crop factor has some advantages and others have shown very nice shots, but when you have to get the shot I'll take D4 with a rented 400 2.8 over a D800 and 70-200 2.8 and crop or some other funny crop math people argue.   As much as some degenerate the pray and spray, sometimes FPS is critical to getting the shot.

I am usually not competting with 10 or 20 other photgraphers for "the shot" so probably not as critcal, but I want the best shot possible shot, why have the tool be the limiter, but if I was competiting it would be like bringing a six shooter when others got a machine gun

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