Nikon 24-120VR F4 vs 28-300VR...

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Re: Nikon 24-120VR F4 vs 28-300VR...

I definitely enjoy my 24-120 on the D700 and now the D3s.  It's a good range that's not too taxing on optical performance and the constant f/4 is nice.  Solid build and balances well on a full sized body.  Can have some freaky distortion, though.  As for bokeh it's tough on a lens that doesn't have that wide an aperture (all things considered) nor exceptional long focal length.  For me I'll rack out wide open and zoom with my feet which as far as I know is my best bet for reasonable bokeh.  If you're not averse to post-processing a quick swipe of negative clarity helps smooth things out.

Obviously compared to the 28-300 you're dealing with much different optical designs each with their own tradeoffs.  For a period I was thinking if the 28-300 held on to f/4 up to 120mm I could gain a lot of tele flexibility with less offset on the wide end and keep that core 28-120 f/4.  No such luck as the 28-300 closes down past f/4 pretty early in its zoom range.

With the launch of the 70-200 f/4 does anyone think there may be a future for something like a 100-300mm f/4?  That would make a great complement to the 16-35 and 24-120 f/4 collection.  Unfortunately too much overlap with the new 70-200.

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