Gross incompetence by Canon repair - is this normal?

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Re: Gross incompetence by Canon repair - is this normal?

trueserve wrote:

Just to hopefully prove I'm not crazy, here's some photos of the dust.

The first photo I took just before I sent it for the fourth time. Used a reversed lens as macro to get really thin DOF. I can't see all of the sharp in-focus dust in this photo, and I don't care about it if it stays put. What I care about is the more out-of-focus dust in this shot; that dust is easily IN FOCUS and visible in the viewfinder. I don't even try and I see it, it's just there.

View original, of course.

The second photo I took just a few minutes ago. Used a Panny 20mm f/1.7, nothing special done. It shows some of the dust and some of the smearing I see around the edges. Yes, this is off-axis of the focusing screen, but I can still see it dead on. You can see all the dots in the middle; these are visible in outdoor shooting and move around, and there are more. The top-most two dots, at the top and way ABOVE the VF is ALSO VERY VISIBLE even in low light. I don't have anything to hold the cameras so I had to do this hand-held, otherwise it'd be sharper and way more clear. This dust is around ALL EDGES especially, and ALL OVER THE FRAME but thankfully the focusing screen blurs most of it. I still see a lot of it though.

I don't see how Canon can't see this. Can you?

I see the dirt in the first photo. Not sure what I'm viewing in the second photo.

Those dots in the middle look very consistent, like a pattern along with the circle in the very center. You said that those dots in the middle move around so it must be dirt and not marks on the focus screen.  The focus screen is some kind of laser matte with grid lines? Is the floating dirt at the left side of the screen? Does it look like the the enhanced contrast image below with the upper left quadrant all gritty?

Also, is it possible that Canon Service DOES clean the viewfinder optical path but the bumping and jostling it receives in shipment causes more dust to fall into the viewfinder optical path?

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