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Re: IE browser problem

sd40 wrote:

fotowbert wrote:

They know about it

on the Open Talk forum.

Thank you for this link.  So much for the supposition that the problem is my computer.  The problem is IE8, or more precisely, dpreview's failure to design the site to be used with IE8 and insistence that users upgrade to IE9 or choose another their browser, notwithstanding that IE9 cannot be used with Windows XP and hence this means, for all practical purposes, "Buy a new computer."  For me, that is the solution.  The new computer is sitting in the back room waiting for me to find the time (several days, actually) to install it.  The whole issue with IE8 compatibility was pretty thoroughly discussed in the other thread, so there's no reason to beat it to death here.  I do find Simon Joinson's "change your browser" position remarkable.  No one thinks of themselves as arrogant, but the idea that users must redesign their systems to accommodate dpreview rather than the other way around--well, if Simon Joinson could put himself in the shoes of users and hear how that sounds, we wouldn't be having this problem.

So, you could write the code better???

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