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Re: Try manual focus

sigala1 wrote:

Philly wrote:

I've used the 14-54mm Mk I on E-PM1, E-P2, and E-PL1.  On all these micro 4/3 cameras, I've found that the photos don't seem as sharp as I would expect.  Upon some pixel peeping, I noticed that they appear slightly out of focus.  I don't think it's camera shake.  Interestingly, the 12-60mm seems to hit the focus dead on, on these micro 4/3 cameras--but I don't like the strong back and forth focus calibration that it goes through.

I am thinking that the 14-54mm Mk I leads to missed focus because of the large focus spot in the cameras' contrast focus system.  I think that the photos come out sharper when I use the zoom focus mode, in which the focus point is much smaller than normal.  I haven't had a chance to really test things out yet.  But does anyone else have similar experience?  Do your 14-54mm Mk I photos on micro 4/3 cameras come out as sharp as you would expect from this lens?

I had some weird AF results using the 14-54 Mk I, so I decided that it's a manual-focus-only lens. And that's just fine for landscape photography or cityscapes.

Although I also decided that the large size of the lens really defeats the purpose of m43 which is to be small and light. I wouldn't recommend that someone who doesn't already own a legacy 4/3 lens actually go out and buy one.

"Weird" is a good word to describe what I was seeing with the 14-54 Mk I photo results.  I have tried manual focus--so far to mainly confirm that I can obtain sharp photos with this lens on m4/3.  I'm wondering if there is any inherent problems with the focus mechanism of this lens when used in the iterative CDAF process.  This crossed my mind because 1) Oly did come out with a CDAF version of this lens--the only 4/3 lens in which they did this, I believe; and 2) I don't seem to have this issue with the 12-60mm.

To me, the lens feels OK on a m4/3 camera, depending on the situation.  Manual focus is probably not a long-term solution that I would be interested in, for this lens.  If I find that the zoom focus mode can't get the results that I want, I will probably just sell this lens--unless Oly's PDAF solution gets announced within the next 6 months or so.

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