Should I pull the trigger on a 5DC?

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minor salazar
minor salazar Senior Member • Posts: 1,619
Re: Should I pull the trigger on a 5DC?

Let me get straight to the point.......yes.

5Dc and 200 2.8L

5Dc and 17-40L

5Dc and 200 2.8L

5Dc and sigma 85 1.4

GREAT natural light camera. Noise at higher ISO's is very "film" like. Doesn't have a bunch of bells and whistles but if you want a great "camera" and not a "great computer" that takes good pictures the 5D although a little long in the tooth is a gem....$600.00 for camera, grip and batteries!? that is a steal in my book. I owned the MK II version and sold it and came back to the 5Dc. Only thing I miss is larger LCD screen on the back and the ability to change settings via the LCD screen. Micro adj. also a nice feature, although I never had to use it.

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