I want to buy a legacy 1.8 lens for my NEX

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Re: I want to buy a legacy 1.8 lens for my NEX

larousse87 wrote:

So, Sean, is the lens in your image the FD or FDn?  The reason I ask is that I was sold on eBay a lens which was listed as FDn, but is marked "FD."  Were the FDn lenses in fact marked as such ("FDn?").  If not, how do you determine what you have got?

His lens is breech lock FD. No lens ever has been marked FDn, it's just a commonly used name to differentiate newer bayonet lenses from older style breech lock lenses . Breech lock and bayonet mount on the same camera/adapter, so no worries there.

One can identify FDn by styling (FDn lenses are black near the mount, breech locks have a silver mount ring), filter thread (most common FDns are 52mm, whereas breech locks are 55mm), and absence of SSC/SC inscription.

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