OM-D DIY Popup Flash diffuser

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OM-D DIY Popup Flash diffuser

A few weeks ago I posted a direct comparison between different types of pop up flash modifiers and my my own DIY modifier but left out the answers to which modifier produced which result to see what people think without bias.  Original Quiz here.

I'm glad that most members were right on the ball figuring out which type of modifier produced which result.  But as promised I would still post the result as well as my DIY modifier.

Photo one was of course no flash

Photo two was direct flash

Photo three was a diffuser type flash like Gary Fong Puffer or LumiQuest Soft Screen

Photo four which is a bounce off the ceiling and some direct flash forward was my DIY modifier

Photo five just a bounce off the ceiling like the Lightscoop.

Below is how I achieved a bounce and a direct flash with the same modifier.  Essentially is a reflective bounce card with a translucent pen that can diffuse some direct flash forward as well. The pen is variable in length so control how much light going forward you want.  I used a rubber band to attach to my pop up flash easily.  This is a pretty simple DIY anyone can do.  I'm pretty happy with the result it produces.

I am trying to get this idea made at an invention website.  So if you like my DIY modifier, please support my idea here by joining the site and voting for my idea.  Link below.  Thanks in advance.

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