LX7 or GF3?

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Re: LX7 or GF3?

saudidave wrote:

I've concluded that the IQ of my FZ48 & my TZ30 are so close as to make one of them redundant so since the TZ is pocketable and I like small cameras I'm probably going to sell the FZ. That will free up funds for a new toy and I was considering the purchase of an LX5 or 7. I'm now seeing  "refurbished" GF3's for around £290.00 with the power lens and £220.00 with the regular one, making them comparable prices to the LX7/5 respectively.

I can't help but think the IQ could perhaps be better from the GF rather than LX. Could anyone with experience of both pass comment please?

Well I have both an LX7 plus two m43 cameras that use that old Panasonic 12MP 4/3 sensor.

I think that the quality between the two is not so different as you would think based on the m43 sensor being five times larger.

I think that at base ISO, the GF3 images will have less noise in the well-exposed areas of the photo, but in the deep shadows, there will not be so much of a difference because that old Panasonic sensor has bad shadow noise. It's just not a very good sensor.

The quality of the sensor in the new Olympus m43 cameras (like the E-M5 and the newly announced E-PL5 and E-PM2) will blow away the LX7.

I also think that the Olympus 14-42mm II kit lens has better flare resistance than the LX7 lens and has less edge softness, so may contribute to slightly better looking photos. Now the LX7 has a damn good lens for a compact camera, much better than the Canon "S" series for sure, but the Olympus kit lens is a pretty good lens.

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