Portrait with dreamy effects ??

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Re: Portrait with dreamy effects ??

vander wrote:

I wouldn't think he did the blur in post processing. It's a little harder to see in the first photo, but since you can see some sharp, single strands of tall grasses and then behind is blurred, that this blurring is the result of a lens opened up and that is bokeh as far as I can tell.

The second photo you can see the bokeh quite well and that is not post processing blur in the background.

I can't see the photographer taking the time to manually blur the background of the first one since it is apparent that he has the equipment to do it in camera as seen in the second photo.

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the blurry background is just amazing, it helps to draw attention to the girls.

may i know if 100 f2.8L can create similar shallow DOF as in the pic? i wanted to get myself

a macro lens.

i can see the photographer did Vintage effect in PP, am i wrong ?? pls advice

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