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painterdude wrote:

You wrote:

There you go again imposing limits on people. Talent is over-rated. If a person wants it bad enough, they'll work at it and thus improve. They may not be able to ever become the best, but what is the best anyway?  It's all subjective--a matter of opinion. The variety of everyone's creations together as a whole is wherein the beauty lies. We all see things differently.`

Its pretty rough I know and against the ``we can be whatever we want to be `` PC idea,  but I have to conclude the evidence I have seen says cannot by effort cause creative ability not latent in a person ever  surface.  I invite others to try..and I will kick against that understanding in me ..but far...its a No go.

Enjoy shootin up a storm ..

With respect, your wordy philosophizing sounds finite and narrow. You're creating an atmosphere of discouragement in a place where it should never exist. Artistry/creative ability can't be precisely defined, since it means something different to each one of us--it's personal. You paint an air of negativity, as you did when you decided that most people shouldn't own an FX camera--in an FX forum of all places.

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