Sony a900 - ISO 2500

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Re: Sony a900 - ISO 2500

Nice shot, good atmosphere. Good choice of ISO: 2500 is the highest I use on my 850/700, as I find it gives the lowest noise in the shadows, for high ISO shooting.

I always, always, always shoot in multiples of 160 with these sensors: 160/320/640/1250/2500.

I know the 24-70 is a wonderful lens, but your photo does point up one glaring difference between zooms and primes. On a zoom, maximum aperture of f/2.8 is considered fast; on a prime, it is considered slow.

Yes, having IS available for every lens is a big help in poor lighting situations. I've been able to get sharp results down to 1/4 or 1/5 sec. Another trick at slow SS is to use the two second timer, when shooting a static scene, as of course you would be at such SS. Not only does it flip up the mirror, but the mere action of pressing the button can cause a tiny bit of shake, and the 2 seconds gives me time to steady up the shot.

One more trick: if your camera is on a strap (I use a Black Rapid), take it off your shoulder and put one leg through it such that when you hold the camera up to your face, the strap is taut (but not too taut, lol!). This tension on the strap provides some degree of steadiness for the camera. Try it.



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