Nikon V2 Specs.

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Re: 14Mpix, a needed boost in sensor Re: Nikon V2 Specs.

jonikon wrote:

ThomasH_always wrote:

Lifer wrote:

90,000 yen is $1,127 USD.   Certainly not any cheaper.

I've seen it. There is though a dilemma for Nikon: Since they surely sold now a number of V1's at a significantly lower price level, down to a fabled $399 with a lens, these people will most probably not be grabbing a V2.  And many others will ask themselves if this V2 price level is defendable and realistic.

I for once will not touch any N1 camera at such a price level again.  I will wait even for a year to see how the value develops.

The only purchase which I plan, is the wide lens. The 10mm (27mm eq.) is simply way too narrow for my application. I would like to have 17mm (eq.) and the 6.7mm zoom would fit the bill.

I was one of those who grabbed the V1 for $399 and I am not even sure I will invest a penny more into the N1 system.  The V1  has some nice qualities, but overall I am not impressed with it's handling or image quality. The 10MP sensor image quality definitely does not support the prices Nikon is currently asking for the N1 cameras.

The image quality is surely less than in a DX body nowadays, but throughout comparable to a D200!  And that is a complement to a CX sensor.  Of course, we are all measuring this "image quality" criterion in a very individual way.

As to handling, you are simply encountering now the bewildering controversy of the N1 design in your own practice.  It is surely an experiment, an attempt to make a new type of a camera, as opposed to presenting yet another incarnation of a "film camera with a sensor." Thus we have for example the burst-of-25 images with automated selection of 5 favorites, based on face recognition, etc. etc.  Love it or hate it, its unique, that's for sure.

Give it a time!  Maybe you will get to like the V1.  It has its merits.

Seriously, if the V2 does not have significantly better IQ than the V1, I doubt the Nikon 1 system will survive the competition, especially at the inflated prices Nikon is trying to get for these little N1 cameras, lenses, and some of the ridiculously priced accessories.

They should talk to the Gillette company to get explained the sales strategy "razor versus razor blade." Or "printer versus ink" strategy, but that one is actually well known in Japan! Now Nikon should rather drop the margins to the level of pain, and try to establish the system.  Later they can provide their overpriced accessories.

- Jon

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