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Any problems with missed focus?

I've used the 14-54mm Mk I on E-PM1, E-P2, and E-PL1.  On all these micro 4/3 cameras, I've found that the photos don't seem as sharp as I would expect.  Upon some pixel peeping, I noticed that they appear slightly out of focus.  I don't think it's camera shake.  Interestingly, the 12-60mm seems to hit the focus dead on, on these micro 4/3 cameras--but I don't like the strong back and forth focus calibration that it goes through.

I am thinking that the 14-54mm Mk I leads to missed focus because of the large focus spot in the cameras' contrast focus system.  I think that the photos come out sharper when I use the zoom focus mode, in which the focus point is much smaller than normal.  I haven't had a chance to really test things out yet.  But does anyone else have similar experience?  Do your 14-54mm Mk I photos on micro 4/3 cameras come out as sharp as you would expect from this lens?

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