Some clear understandings

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Re: Some clear understandings

painterdude wrote:

have slowly dawned on me as I have begun swinging my thoughts towards going FX. They are really really being  hammered home the more I scan FX shots here and else where. From what I am seeing...

1 FX will not give a person artistic talent/vision not present in DX or point & shoot shots .

2 FX will not immediately produce better looking shots (technical side)  - Most possibly worse.

Seems to my little brain..that FX should only be chosen over DX or p&s for some artistic goal  or a pragmatic need for larger file sizes (for printing or cropping purposes not related to an artistic  impetus)

These thoughts surfaced with force over at a guys house who shoots only p&s. He, like zillions of people, has a computer slammed full of shots from his p&s that have never been printed or used for anything except looking at on the 'puter. I  wanted him to check out some D800 shots on flickr so we went there. Woo...not pretty.

Gottah say at screen size technically speaking there appears to be little real difference between a shot from a D800 and any p&S. The artistic quality of the D800 shots were  generally the same as the p&s crowd IMHO.

I would have to say ..90% plus of people presently shooting have ZERO need for a FX cam let alone a DX  cam with more than 12 pixels. A vast chunk of the shooters out there should be fine with their smart phone or Ipad photos- however ..actual need verse wants ???..well..that's what keeps the economy rolling I guess. No one really needed those big bad gas sucking muscle cars of the 60s and early 70's and even less so their reproductions today ..but hey there was and is  a want- a desire for them unrelated to practicality that keeps them selling.

I think  the basically pointless pixel climb in p&s is at work and is the attraction to FX cams..I doubt if it will end anytime soon. If the prices drop you could see, in the future, grannies shooting FX 40 megapixel ..yup.. fully automatic ..cams!

Ah the power of marketing!!

You see no difference between p and shoot shots on the internet and the D800? What about shallow dof, dynamic range etc, then take that further and realise you likely bought your current DX camera in order to isolate a subject and get shallow dof every now and then, because point and shoots can't. Well, go further, realise that FX can give you even shallower dof, medium and large format even more so. You ain't looking hard enough. Print it out you'll see even more difference. Maybe if you don't print you won't care. Then why are on you a photography forum for full frame cameras then? A whole lot more to it than resolution.

Also the other simple fact is that I spend alot of my time looking through a viewfinder, and good lord it's 100% better when it's not a tiny tunnel vision DX or point and shoot camera. The little things matter...I don't get why you have come in here to say this, it sounds like you shoot DX, but don't fully get why you would shoot FX. It's not just a "fascination".

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