My take / informal review of the 15mm F8 bodycap lens

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Re: My take / informal review of the 15mm F8 bodycap lens

93tracker wrote:

But its only 40-50 bucks....something else to play with- thats dirt cheap...

Well, yes.

But for example, I would recommend UK forum members to stay away from it, since in the UK they are asking a ripoff price of 79 pounds for it.

No way the lens is worth that kind of money, in fact I think 40/45 bucks/euros/pounds should be the price to pay for it, no more than that.

In any case: if you are just in search of a new toy to play with, then go for it (provided that you get it for a good price) and be aware that you're getting just that, a toy lens. Do not expect great optical performance, 'cause it's just not going to be there.

If instead you are looking for a good, compact, cheap, lightweight 15mm prime lens, forget it and go for a used panasonic 14mm F/2.5 which is a serious, useful, quality lens and not a toy.

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