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Re: Some clear understandings

Thanks Karl.

I doubt that few would disagree with what you have written. One point that you raised in the flow of your thoughts I think is very true these days. Your wrote :

"it seems to me, we have a need to self actualize. Find meaning, make sense of the human condition. For some, that is through religion. For others, it is accumulating wealth. And others yet, art.

I think this need to self actualize sometimes is invested in an individuals sense of how good a photographer they are. I see a similar thing in my field. Fine artists for whom their whole identity  rests on the shoulders of  their art ..what they make. Others as you indicate put the weight of  their identity as well as their sense of meaning, purpose and joy in life  on stuff.

I get a very real sense this is true for many today just walking around places like Future shop or Best Buy..Stuff ..ya stuff like cameras- have become the means to  some sense of self actualization meaning and joy in life. As much as people want to slam big corps like Nikon etc  ..they are absolute necessities in the lives of more and more people. What would happen if one day there was no more new stuff to look forward too??..What if all these big corps folded?? What if we in the west were  impoverished via violent inflation as happened  in the Weimar Republic in Germany  (In 1923 a loaf of bread cost 100 billion marks.) Where would people turn?

It seems to me in the end, nothing secular society or materialism offers or a man does has the shoulders to truly bear the weight of our need for self actualization, hope purpose or joy-ever.

Hence I invest little in my cameras , photos , my paint brush,  praise or lack of it people give me for what I do or who they think I am. I do not believe in myself, nor do I place great weight on my relationships or family for meaning actualization or self worth. That must come from a much surer higher place.

all the best


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