Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

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Re: Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

If you use Photoshop, and most likely the other Adobe editors, you can have it open jpg files with Camera Raw, the same as if it were a raw file.  This gives you the easy interface that I suspect is why many think raw can be adjusted and jpg can't.  White balance is easy to tweak, as well as most everything else, and using gradient layers to apply adjustments to parts of an image.  Also checking it's "auto" adjustment results which you can accept or reject.  And, if you prefer to handle it with the normal Photoshop adjustments, it just takes a click of the 'open' button (plus it saves your last adjustment to the photo, in case you decide to tweak it or change it).

Whether you use raw or jpg is just a matter of choosing what you feel works best for you and gives you the best results while causing the least impact or grief.  It is a tool, as someone said, but tools are to be used when they're needed by the individual doing the work, not dictated as a 'must do if you wanna be any good' item.

Someone may not know what an aperture, f-stop, ISO, depth of field, all those letters on the mode dial, or a good composition is, but they darn sure better use raw if they ever expect to be any good...8^)

I see someone has gone through this thread and marked all of the "you don't really need to use raw unless you want to" posts with a minus vote; pretty childish, but unfortunately not surprising, as there seems to be a lot of emotion/religion about using raw with many in these and other forums, and those who question its importance are regarded as rebels, I suppose.

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