Just renewed my vows with Canon.......

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I guess I did too...

I might not put it that way (married to Canon), but I did add the 5D MKIII to my collection of Canon gear. I have a 7D, 5D MKII, and now the MKIII. I was also intrigued with the D800 and still would love to have one, but I have always been satisfied with the results I get with my Canon gear and I already had everything I needed to continue. Flashes, lens, batteries, etc.

I have been delighted with the 5D MKIII. It was much more than an incremental upgrade to the 5D MKII. I like it better than any camera I have owned. There is just something about this camera and the images from it that I didn't see coming. I'm glad I decided to go with it now.

I also recently added the 50 F1.2L. So far it seems like a great addition. This winter I'll see if it performs well for what I bought it for when I shoot church basketball at close range. I am pretty sure it will do fine with the 5D3 AF.

I am beginning to understand how difficult it would be to build a camera body to satisfy everyone's  needs. For me though, the combination of the 7D and 5D MKIII has me more than content. I would love to see some of the features of the 5D3 added to a 7D replacement, like the locking mode dial, silent shutter, AF, less noise at high ISO to name a few. But the 7D is pretty good the way it is also and I like having a cropped sensor with high pixel density for wildlife. That is about the only possible thing I might need that the 5D3 don't have.

I know Nikon makes great cameras and that makes things good for all of us. If I had Nikon gear I would probably be content with it. Just like Canon, there are always things that come up with photography gear, but they have a great line up right now. So does Canon, and after those two everyone else still are pretty far back. Even so, there are others out there will nice offerings.

So I don't think I could say I'm married to Canon, but I am set up with them for the next year or so at least.

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