Abstract Light Painting photos - what do you think?

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Re: Abstract Light Painting photos - what do you think?

Tan68 wrote:

the first one has a lot of lines mostly all going the same way but then a few going another direction.  this is jarring to me and uncomfortable.  the narrowness of the image allowing only a view of a few degrees of the large arc the light is making gives me a claustrophobic feeling.  i do like the colors.

I kind of felt like I wanted to duplicate in a photo some of the abstract graphic art themes you'd have for like Goggle Chrome or some other browser...  Just a thin strip of color and lines...  I wanted a nice gradient of gentle lines that got bolder and bolder.   Towards the end of the shot I wanted to reverse direction just to add a little intrest so it wasn't all the same thing.

"i often don't really feel one way or another about a picture.  i might like a picture or it might make me smile.  this first picture makes me tense.  not sure you want to hear that.  i don't think it is bad, though.  art is about a reaction, i guess.  depends on the reaction you want and my reaction might be atypical.  i likely don't like this picture for the same reason i don't like hep cat jazz with the occasional, non-rhythmic bleat of horn.  so the reaction is just me and not your picture  :^)"

I love the fact that you took the time to let me know how it made you feel... or that you felt any thing at all... I usually get responses like "O that's nice" or "Neat" or the ever dreaded but appreciated "I like it"    Preferred over "I hate it"....  None of those responses help to provide information on how the image was received other then thumbs up or down.  Your feelings and explanation gave me a little insite as to how some one would see my image and how it would make them feel.   I thank you for that!  It also helps me to look at my image again and go hmmmmm.....   I see what they mean...  Or that's interesting what if I shot something else and used the same idea but changed the color?  would that alter their feelings or emotional response.   Would blue make you feel cold?  Or would red make you feel warm?   Blue happens to be one of my favorite colors so maybe I see it differently and just like every thing that's blue.

the second..  i get what you were doing with the light intensity.  i wonder if you could work with a bigger aperture and if the light would be sharp at times and then less sharp when it moves out of the depth of field..? then you would have color, intensity, and sharpness to work with.

I've thought about trying to do that image again that way...  I have other images were I shot with a wider aperture and it does add more depth and texture to the image when the lines go from crisp to blurry and back again etc...   In the above instance I wanted the lines to be as crisp as possible but just softer in their intensity for the back ground.  I also wonder if I'd moved slower but added a ND filter would the image look better given that the dashes you get from the flickering LED's would be smothed out.  Or does the pulsing intensity in the lines add more texture to the image... Then again would I have been able to maintain the smoothness of the lines if I moved slower?  Am I just over thinking it?  Maybe....

I've taut others about shooting with a limited depth of focus to add more to light painting images... I guess I just need to get out and keep taking pictures and see what I get.

this third picture has a lot of lines whizzing around.  overall, though, i like the symmetry and it is pleasing.  the lines are pretty uniform and it makes me think of a woven grass basket or kids playing at Spirograph.  these are pleasant things.

thanks for the notes on the technique.

The spirograph is exactly what I was trying to do...  I'm working on some new techniques that may allow me to create much more complex designs using multiple lights at the same time... so I just wanted to get a feel for exposure levels and time...  They're all a gamble really but one that doesn't have a heavy cost except time...  You shoot one it doesn't work out you learn from it and shoot again..  You keep at it till you get what your after.  Which can be different things for different people.. One of the fun things about "ART"

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