I photograph real estate. Which camera is appropriate.

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Re: I photograph real estate. Which camera is appropriate.

I have no issues with Sony myself, but if you do get the Nikon, either the D5100 or D7000. I would certainly not get the D800 or higher until you learn how to use the camera. Get a good wide-angle zoom, flash and sturdy tripod to go with it. Unfortunately the APS-C wide-angle lenses will not work in FF so replacing that lens will be an additional expense when moving up. Applies equally to Sony, Nikon and Canon. Features like HDR can be done in software, can be helpful shooting rooms with windows and getting a good image without too dark a room or too bright windows. This can also be done with proper flash work. 10 fps is meaningless for real estate, might be fun for the kids soccer game. The electronic viewfinder has advantages especially versus other APS-C viewfinders, but more important is a LCD that can be positioned so you can stick the camera in the corner and focus and frame while in live-view. In FF only the Sony A99 gets you this feature.

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