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Guy Parsons
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Lens and a very late reply....

cprevost wrote:

You didn't say what lens you are using?

Wow, old thread but now I can fix a problem....

I fully expect that to be the regular 14-42mm kit lens but he uses "28mm" as in "28mm equivalent".

For some strange reason I missed that reply to me so never responded at the time - maybe when DPReview was having problems. I used to see "holes" in my Forum Recent Activity - threads that I knew that I was involved in never showed in my Recent Activity. This must have been one of them.

To tidy things up and respond now to 'what_i_saw' but very late.....

Will shooting at 28 mm with lens wide open a good idea on E-PL1? Any significant distortions?

I guess you mean at 14mm, I've never noticed or worried about the usual distortions in corners of edges, maybe I'm just used to the price we pay for wide angle.

I am actually planning to shoot in Aperture mode in around 50mm for more human vision thing. And planning to keep Aperture max for all lengths, e.g. 3.5 for 28mm to 5.6 for 84mm. Good Idea?

Best idea to stick with Aperture priority for most times, but I prefer to keep kit lenses in the f/6.3 to f/8 range where they work a bit better. At or near maximum aperture they deliver their worst performance usually, and of course past f/11 towards f/22 they deliver diffraction problems.

One more thing: How are you dealing with that little lens cap? I think I am going to lose it soon.

Lens caps, no problem, I never seem to lose them. With the original E-PL1 kit lens I think I used to pop it into a pocket, then retrieve it and dust it off before putting it back on and back into the bag. But never use that lens any more.

Now I use a Panasonic 14-45mm as the kit lens and it always has the lens hood on and the lens cap off, so is always ready for action when grabbed out of the bag.

A quick look at  what_i_saw posting history shows that he has a 17/2.8 lens as well now and still seems to use the E-PL1.

Regards....... Guy

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