NX100 and 20-50mm lens rock

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NX100 and 20-50mm lens rock


I've been waiting forever for Pentax to release: 1. a very compact mirrorless camera. 2. A full-frame dslr. I want an ultra-wide angle on my mirrorless, and for Pentax that means one choice: the DA 15. The only Pentax mirrorless option at the moment, the K-01, is no longer pocketable with the DA 15 attached.

So I picked up an NX100 for 230 bucks. What a fantastic deal. This camera literally fits in my jacket pocket. I no longer need a camera bag. It's not fantastic for low light, but acceptable.

The only downside is, I've become really spoiled by the Pentax IS system. When taking both my K5 with DA 21 f/3.2 and the Samsung with the 20-50 out for comparison shots, some things become quickly apparent:

-the 20-50mm is an excellent lens

-the nx100 has to pump the ISO way up to get decent shutter speeds to avoid motion blur while the Pentax uses image stabilization to keep the ISO low with shutter speeds down to 1/20 in aperture priority mode.

-the images reflect exactly these limitation/strategies. The NX100 images are far noisier on the whole, with the Pentax images containing considerable motion blur for any slightly moving object, although practically noise free.

In the end, the NX100 actually does a better job for snapshots of the kids, since it's choosing faster shutter speeds and kids are constantly in motion. Of course the autofocus isn't on the same level as the K5's, but it's absolutely sufficient for my needs. And in good light, the K5's IS advantage evaporates completely.

I believe it's time to purchase some excellent Samsung lenses. I finally have a compact ILC system. Yay!

Why are people not flocking to Samsung in droves at these prices??? The cams and lenses are great!


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