New Body or new Lens?

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Re: New Body or new Lens?

First, thanks to all for the input!  But, we're getting a little off topic.  I'll try to address as much as i can...
Reasons to shift towards FX:
-I love my 85mm, but 127 (DX) is a little tight.  I find that I am just slightly out of comfortable talking distance to fit more then one person in the frame.  It works fine, but i think a true 85 would be better.
-I currently have the 35mm to approximate the 50mm, so i could get rid of the 35...
-I've used the 24-70 alot and i love it on my camera but i think an actual 24-70 (not 36-105) would be extremely useful for protaits and group shots, especially in small churches.
-If i get the 24-70 (and get rid of the 35mm) i'd have just as many DX lenses as i do FX.  I plan on getting the 70-200 as well (i've also used that extensively and love it for ceremony shots while they're at the alter).
-I was under the impression that the D600 was a much better camera then the D7000, not just an FX version.
Either way i'm keeping my D7000.  I need a second body.  So, i think getting a full frame as my primary would make sense and give me more options.  I suppose i could save a little longer and go for somthing like the D800, but i think that might be a little exessive...
As for flash (we're really getting off topic here) i have the SB700 and i think its fine.  I only use it for fill and i've got other flashes off camera (bouncing, kicking, screaming, etc...) so i'm fine with its power.  I use cheap manual flashes off camera.
As for 3rd party lenses, i've decided that i'm going Nikon or nothing.  I've used the sigma 70-200 and dont think its nearly as good as Nikon's...  I know others feel different.
I'm still leaning toward the 24-70 over the body.  I'd rent another D7k since i already own one an know it.  I would rent the D600 before i rented the D300s...
Thanks again for the input!

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