Canadian Warrranty --- A99 -- reduced!!!

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Re: Canadian Warrranty --- A99 -- reduced!!!

Move to Quebec!

a warranty must: "lasts a reasonable length of time, based on the price paid, the contract and the conditions governing its use"

Simply put, in Small Claims Court, a one year warranty on the A-99 would be declared invalid if a lower end, lower price camera from the same manufaturer offered a longer warranty.

So a prosumer camera like the A-99, used by a pro, should last 2 years. Unless Sony specify that the camera can only be used for non-commercial purposes, a nice selling point...

So in fact, your A-99 if used for non-pro use maybe covered for years, this is the reason why 'supplemental warranty' are not available in La Belle Province for most consumer goods.

By the way, this is one of the main reason why 'pro' as in photogs living 110% from their trade are Canon and Nikon users. Not for the build of the product, better IQ, larger lens selection, but knowing that if you are a pro, they will take care you anywhere around the world. Same will apply to the broadcast side at Sony. All for one good reason, if you watch a football game and you see Sony on the side of the TV camera, will you buy a Samsung video camera or fork a little more for a Sony? Same for Canon and Nikon. And Canon was able to beat Nikon only because of it's service to pros!

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