Looking into switch to 4/3 camera, suggestions?

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Questions thread
jalywol Veteran Member • Posts: 8,999
Re: EVF?

Apparently the NEX has some problems with flicker and moire, so even though the specs are great, in practice it is difficult to use.

I've always found the Panasonic EVFs to be quite nice.  The one on the GH2 (which is supposed to be the same one they used on the G3 and I think an even faster version is used on the G5) is quite large, bright, with good color rendition, and very pleasing to use.   The Olympus VF2 is also excellent, and the one in the OMD is a better version of that as well.  I personally prefer the Panasonics simply because the total viewing magnification is larger and it is easier for me to see, but both are excellent in use.


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