SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

Condor wrote:

Do you think that coming GH3 + 100-300mm (600mm equiv) could register more and/or better details of distant subjects than SX50 SuperFine and Locked...? Since it is obvious that FZ200, even with the Nikon TC, can't, of let's say a wildlife subject 100 mt. away.

And I'll show you why I really need the best P&S or m43 superzoom... These are the kind of shots that I presently obtain with my SX30 in my real life superzoom user situations. And as you can see, I need to get more and better details somehow... but not using TC.

By the way, I would never use a P&S superzoom for 24mm shots, not even 100mm shots... It sounds ridiculous to me. I just use those focal lengths to initially aim a subject... but I almost always end up using the maximum zoom available for the final shot (Extra Zoom included)... except when the camera just can't follow a subject, keep it in frame, (as the above BIF) oblying me to zoom back to where at least get the subject inside the frame.


Ed those are not even good for IDing bird. I would suggest to get a telescope or move closer or fly with the bird.

This 100% crop came from SX40. You can imagine how high is this Red-tailed Hawk flying...

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