Moving to a new iMac

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Re: Moving to a new iMac

Details of the new iMacs are up on the Apple site (although the machines aren't shipping yet).

Apple has replaced the USB 2.0 ports with four USB 3.0 ports, and they claim to have greatly reduced reflections off the glass by fully laminating the display to the glass.  Two Thunderbolt ports are now standard on all iMacs (not just the 27" ones).  There are new CPUs and GPUs.

On the other hand, the Firewire 800 port is gone, and it appears that they removed the optical drive.  They offer a hybrid drive (mostly HD storage with a bit of flash on the side), but it isn't clear to me whether the second ("SSD") drive bay exists any more, or whether it, like the DVD burner, was a victim of the quest for "thin".  The 27" iMac still has four RAM slots, but it is not clear (from the Apple Store tech specs page) whether the 21.5" model does.

The new Mac Mini is available in a "regular" quad-core version, has gained USB 3.0, and still has Firewire 800; but there is no longer a version with a "dedicated" graphics chipset.

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