Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

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Re: Matching RAW to JPG from LX5

Gary R. wrote:

I agree with the consensus of the comments given (so far) by others....why bother?

There is a lot of peer pressure to shoot raw for readers of online forums, where to be regarded as anything more than a beginner, you must shoot raw.  Comparisons of raw vs. jpg generally consist of a shot the user has adjusted to their own needs via the raw converter, compared to an out of camera jpg which the user has done nothing to.

There is nothing wrong with adjusting a jpg photo...consider it a finishing touch, to get it just the way you want it to look.  Yet that is almost universally ignored when anyone compares a raw and a jpg photo.

To top it off, the LX5 and many others let you adjust the sharpening and noise reduction of your default jpg photos, which makes it even easier to get the results you want from your jpg.

The raw file does have more bit depth, hence more data to spread around if there is an exposure issue such as a photo with all the data in a small part of the histogram.  Even at that, you may not see any real difference between the adjusted jpg and the adjusted raw, but most of our photos (hopefully) are not in that category anyway.  We're just adding more work and filling up space by usng raw when there's really no bottom-line benefit. (and in many cases, settling for limitations that compacts often suffer when shooting raw).

My GH2 has a feature which I consider as the best possible implementation of can assign one of the function buttons to give you a "one shot" raw + jpg photo, so if you see a particularly difficult situation, you punch the button and get your single raw shot., without commiting to filling up your card with unwanted raw shots if you forget to reset it.  I've used this a few times, but in real life have never needed the raw shot I got as a result.

In your first efforts with raw, you've found the 'truth' of the whole matter.  You can practice more with a raw converter and perhaps find it easier to match the camera's jpg after a while, but the question still remains.  Why?

The answer might well be: "So I fit in better with camera forums where they all shoot raw, and am accepted as being one of them".

Hah! The most sensible RAW reply yet...and so true...

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