Adobe won't support XP with CS7

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Re: Adobe won't support XP with CS7

The original subject of this thread (above) is somewhat strange. Like, Adobe doesn't support XP. Microsoft does.

I suspect that Microsoft would applaud every major application developer (like Adobe) that decides the newest version of its product won't run on XP. Every company that does that gives users more impetus to get a new version of Windows.

On the other hand there are folks like me who look at deciding to upgrade my Photoshop to CS7 in light of the fact that I'll have to give up my XP and decide its not worth it. My CS5 / XP combo works quite well thank you.

No, I'm certainly not a dinosaur. I wrote software (mainframes and pc's) for over 40 years. Been down this 'upgrade' road a great many times. You have to keep your mind wrapped around the fact that software companies, like Microsoft and Adobe, make their money by selling you product. They have to make it worth your while to upgrade. And quite frankly, to get the newest bell and whistle out of CS7 isn't worth it to me to have to go out and buy a new computer.

Hey, I'd rather use the money to buy a new camera.

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