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Hi there ..

Hey thanks for lookin at my meager stuff and your encouragement. As I articulated at the beginning FX will not make me or anyone a better photog. Yes one could get sharper clearer better exposed images- perhaps -with better equipment and by becoming more technically savy but alas that is not what makes a photgraph of any real worth artistically speaking where IMHO it really matters.  I will never be able to improve upon whatever small level of photographic capability (artistically speaking) I have- no matter it be Fuji p&s or Nikon FX.

As I have said, my interest in FX is purely ..ah  lets say mechanical - the massive cropability factor.

Having taught art for years and made my living by my paint brush for over 30, I think I know one thing ..If you have no latent artistic vision for a field  you never will have ..period. Its a hard wired deal. It cannot be learned and whatever artist capability you have can only be mined to the extent it exists for a person relative to any field of activity its applied in.

For me ..I am painfully aware of the limit of my chain..and the more I try different tacks to break free ..I find its governance continues to hold. I think the idea that held sway in the late 60`s and seventies ..that we are all golden ..we are all awesome infinitely talented geniuses ..that only need the space to express or God like abilities ..well.... those hacked up totem thingies on the beach ..and the zillion lesser than photos touted as amazing here and elsewhere ..and the limitation of my own photographic vision all scream ..Not so much! to that concept ..

all the best


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