Sony wake up: A77 flash exposure sucks

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Re: Sony wake up: A77 flash exposure sucks

You should read a book on flash photography buy Joe McNally's books The Hot Shoes Diaries, T he Moment it Clicks, and his new book. I was clueless regarding Canon's flash, now that I've read his book, I'm getting the hang of it and get consistent flash out of my finicky Canon flash system which is light years behind Nikon's.

For daylight out door, I always gel my flash with 1/3 or 1/2 or Full CTO gel, ALWAYS gel your flash! remember that Flash comp is local and Camera EV is global, so start with 0 flash com and adjust up or down and check histogram often to get what you want.

90 percent I stay with 2nd flash synch because I prefer more natural look and try to minimize the "flash" look unless I want that glamour look then I use high speed during broad day light but seldom use 1st curtain.

Always use some sort of diffuser to soften the flash. I have the Rogue Flash Gel set and I use both the heavy diffuser frost gel and CTO the most often.

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