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Re: rx1 - the elephant in the room

Certainly I understand that those who enjoy using a flip up LCD as a modern version of a waist level finder will need to look elsewhere for satisfaction or forgo that pleasure if they choose to purchase a RX1.

Excluding the feature does not make the camera a failure.

There are, believe it or not, some professionals and artists who use a camera without an electronic or optical finder, preferring to frame via the LCD when working hand held. While an articulated LCD would be wonderful for tripod use, professionals have successfully used tripod mounted cameras without articulating backs for many decades.

I don't consider a meal purchased a la carte a failure unless one or more components of the meal are not tasty.

Despite your continued insistence, Sony does offer a finder for the RX1 camera. One is not limited to holding the camera out in front of their face. The feature is offered a la carte.

For those that prefer an optical finder, one exists. Such finders have long been used by a small minority of photographers on other digital cameras despite the lack of feedback offered.

For those that prefer a heads up display and through the lens view, an external electronic finder exists. External electronic finders offer a key advantage that integrated finders do not - the the ability to tilt the finder to 90 degrees. I use this feature all the time, but never used my NEX tilt LCD as a waist level finder despite shooting 6x6 waist level finder cameras (Yashica TLR, Rolleiflex 6008i SLR) for three decades.

Sony isn't marketing the camera to those who are clueless. Those that don't like the feature set  offered at the price demanded simply won't purchase it. Those that purchase the camera will do so with open eyes and equip it according to their needs.

My guess is that Sony will sell many EVFs to go along with the camera. Certainly I will purchase one. But I won't always use the EVF on the camera, much like I don't always use an external EVF on my M mount camera today.

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