Question: Best Nex to EOS Adapter?

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re: I wonder whether the Zhuoming one is a clone of Conurus?

Steven-T wrote:

The Metabones is a bit expensive, and no AF.  There are new ones with EXIF data, aperture control, IS, and (slow) AF, and much cheaper.  Check the "bay".  Kipon is coming out with one soon.

With EOS, you want / new "smart" adapter.  I myself am waiting to get a cheaper better quality one.  No hurry for me.

What I'd really like to see is a direct comparison, done by an experienced DPR'er, between Conurus and Zhuoming adapters in action, esp. concerning how both handle various communication compatibility issues of translating Canon EF lens protocols to NEX, and E-body protocols to EF lenses. And how well ZM's firmware works together with N7. Preferably compared with the latest Green Mode version of Conurus FW.

Anyway, notice how they did lift the whole descriptive part of lenses compatibility and tests straight out of Conurus pages. For ZM see this: e-bay page


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