D800 or D600 - please help to choose!

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ron so New Member • Posts: 24
Re: Just bought a D600 to replace D700

Ajit Natarajan wrote:

ron so wrote:

D800 plus: finder

D600 minus: finder


Could you elaborate?  I thought both had the same viewfinder: 100% coverage, 0.7x magnification.  Why is it a plus for D800 and a minus for D600?


Hi Ajit, After trying both D600 and D800 in Nikon showroom, I have a feeling that the circular viewfinder on D800 is brighter and the same unit is used on the pro level Dslr like D3/4.  It is even better to be fitted with the Nikon circular eyecup which effectively block the strike lighting and help you concentrate on your subject and composition.

I would strongly recommend you to try both out at your nearby Nikon and make your own judgement.


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