SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

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Re: SX50 w/ Canon 500D attached...

MarioV wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

1020mm EFL ...Fluid Ball Tripod...

The FZ200 takes really nice photos.  The big problem I have with the above TC lens setup and tripod is, what if you decide to take a wide angle shot of the lake or whatever..then another bird lands and you want to take a long zoom shot.. oh and then some insect lands nearby and you want to take a macro..

Photography should be fun.  Fiddling with TC lens and tripod limits this freedom too much.  If you have a set agenda as to what you are going to photograph with no ad hoc shooting, then fine.  I dont operate like that.

Even with its slower lens, I'd rather have the SX50 than the FZ200.

That's my case too. I just take handheld shots in the present, and I just had enough with TCs, they just don't work on normal people’s real life situations (local travels, weekends, abroad, hiking, opportunity shots, etc.).

So, it seems that for my real superzoom needs (5% of my real life shots), SX50 is the best option, especially with the Lock feature activated (which is a different camera than when it is not).

For the other 95% of my real life shots (family, landscapes, tourism, etc.) I was thinking in LX7, but unfortunately it seems that it does not have a native wide converter my wonderful LX3 had.

So, probably it’s time to go for the GH3 + Panny 7-14mm for those 95% and use the SX50 for the 5% of my real superzoom needs (until some real long prime m43 lens appears; 400mm, 500mm ..., which seems very improbably).


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