Wow. The video on the K30 is really bad.

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Re: Wow. The video on the K30 is really bad.

awaldram wrote:

Joe Przybylski wrote:

aplucini wrote:

I"m no video expert but I'm scratching my head wondering what's wrong with this video.   It looks sharp and clear to me.    Colors look natural.   Everything is in perfect focus.

What am I missing?

You haven't said exactly why you think the video is bad.

Allan in Colorado, USA

Right? Sorry

Don't wnat ot rip this apart but...

For starters the audio is horrible. No stereo mic? No mic input? But I can't fault Pentax for that because I knew it going into this... but still - for the price and considering all competitors offer it, it's a head scratcher.

On the spec sheet prior to purchase

Second, the lack of focus peaking while filming is heartless!! It would be SUCH A huge help for manual focusing.

On the spec sheet prior to purchase

Third  - no HDMI output? Really??

On the Spec sheet prior to purchase

Fourth - the sharpness and bitrate settings seem to be really underwhelming. I think the bitrate is somewhere around 15mbps which is astonishtly low. With filmic pro I can get up to 48mbps!

Given the above the video is only there to support web apps the  bitrate is in line with that application (interpreting spec sheet)

Fifth - having to turn off the SR system while filming video is sad. I was looking forward to using the great in-body stabilization with any prime lens on the Pentax. Turning SR on causes EXTREME wobble/jello and cuts recording time down to less than 5 minutes.

cmos sensor all suffer form rolling shutter therefore SR has to cause jello affect , again this is technology related nothing Pentax can do to fix.

All in all, I rate the K30 a solid 10 for still image performance. I'm absolutely in love with the camera for stills, for video, I'd give it a 3 or 4. There's virutally no room for exapandability for audio, and the absolute BEST settings for video are still underwhelming.

As advertised ??

I'm left wondering why you purchased the K30 as it obviously was not what you wanted.?

You post seems an indictment of your purchasing process rather than any weakness in the k30.

If for your use the competitors offerings were superior why buy the product that didn't fit you needs.?

I'm wondering if you read my original post.

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