RX100 Occasional Near Focus Failure

Started Oct 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
ronctx Regular Member • Posts: 109
Re: RX100 Occasional Near Focus Failure

Out of curiosity, I tested the RX100 on how well it would do using one of the lens focus charts found on line.  After testing in Manual Focus, then going to Auto Focus mode, a couple of times it would not Auto Focus on the chart.  Either turning off the camera or going back to Manual Focus and then back to Auto Focus it worked fine.  To do the test you have to be in close and in the RX100's case, within about 2".  On my unit, it was within 1mm to 2mm Front Focus.  Since this is with the camera at 45 degrees to the chart it might have been the problem.  No problem otherwise with focus when shooting close up.

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