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I think we are in agreement. People will always acquire or desire things they have no practical need for. Practicality if it ruled..well just try an envisage the drab world we would live in!!

I think my post was in part a reaction to a thought I held ..Namely that those who would spend the coin to upgrade to a FX cam +great lenses, would tend to be the more capable photogs. Therefore the thinking went, the imagery I would find coming from these great  tools  would reflect what good to great photogs could do with them. Unfortunately what I seem to be finding IMHO really does not bear that out. The same dreary mediocre that dogs the p&s crowd right there in droves in FX postings. Argh..

I must say I am increasingly bored (arrogant comment I admit) looking at what I think are lesser than shots ..turning up everywhere in all forums - as the norm or worse celebrated as great or good. What freaks me out is often the worst shots come from very well equipped and very technically savvy shooters  who can talk with precision gear stuff  all day!! They remind me of so many artists in my field. Technical wizz kids with great equipment ..and..well nothing much more.

HOWEVER  this reality in photography  suggests something that isn't at all negative. It tells me that photography has entered the mainstream of society in a bigger way possibly than ever before . The ups side  of this is that ..LOTS of people are having a blast - enjoying their lives -shooting what they feel are great shots - celebrating what they feel are  new skills .

This is great and a good thing ...but  for me ..looking in ..

it reminds me of the totem pole esque "creations"  the sixties and early seventies hippies  left  on some of our beaches here. I saw one a few years back. It was a roughly hacked up log with something akin to faces on it- a global approximation of a west coast native totem pole. The  energy behind it and its final "look"  reminded and reminds me now of a lot of what I am  seeing on photography sites ..Lots of effort and good intent ..People trying hard to be creative make what they think is a "good picture". However the  distance between the outcomes of about the same  seen between the flowing master stroke designs of west coast totem pole artists  and the driftwood "arty" efforts  of those inspired hippies of the 60's and 70's.

Back in the day ..they had their yoote  (youth) freedom and time to spend  developing or trying to find their creative side..Today well the fortunate have money and ..way cool cameras to do the same thing and so the beat goes on.

You are right. In the end ..the quality of what is created does not matter . It is that people are able to enjoy what they are doing and get a kick out of what they make no matter what the art/photo police say.

Nasty comments directed at novices or those who cannot see the banality in what they  are making, reflect badly only on those who criticize and to some degree..that includes

all the best


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